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Enhancing the Release Efficiency of a Molecular Chemotherapeutic Prodrug by Photodynamic Therapy. Tumor-specific, hypoxia-activated prodrugs have been …

The journey toward integrating a more efficient and effective way of gathering application-development requirements with a reliable output metric is not without its …

Enhancing Operational Efficiency of the Asian Development Bank Institutional Document | November 2015 Download (Free: 492.99 KB) This paper examines a number of issues in current ADB operations and proposes improvements in the following areas: the delivery and administration of loans financing partnerships operations

Enhance efficiency definition: Efficiency is the quality of being able to do a task successfully, without wasting time... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Enhancing the Release Efficiency of a Molecular Chemotherapeutic Prodrug by Photodynamic Therapy Tumor-specific, hypoxia-activated prodrugs have been developed to alleviate the side effects of chemotherapy drugs.

Enhancing Efficiency Published: 06/21/2018 Sidetracking, the long-proven technique of setting a whipstock to exit an original wellbore to tap an alternate production zone or bypass a downhole obstruction, is using digital technology to enhance performance in increasingly challenging formations and complex well trajectories.

Enhancing sustainability and efficiency Real-time operational and occupational data can be collected and analyzed to generate insight about equipment utilization, material tracking and monitoring, energy consumption, and equipment and tools tracking to improve efficiency and sustainability. 5. Improving green construction

It is based on well-known criteria such as electrical, η el = Pel / Qgas, and heat efficiency, η h = Qh / Qgas, and overall electrical and heat efficiency, η el+h = ( Pel + Qh )/ Qgas, of IESs.

To increase the efficiency and yield of the PCR, two key components of PCR should be considered; reagent and equipment. The reagents include the Taq DNA polymerase, primers and the template ( 2 – 5 ). The Taq DNA polymerase derived from the thermalphilic bacterium Thermus aquaticus has shown the best activity at 72°C ( 6 ).

Enhancing efficiency in international trade – the time is now More than a few small tweaks. Banks, buyers, sellers, shipping companies, ports, customs, and so on; the number of...

In metrology, motion control, machine calibration, dental CAD/CAM, additive manufacturing, spectroscopy and neurosurgery, Renishaw innovations enhance precision, efficiency and quality. Products include CMM touch-trigger probes, scanning probes, CMM retrofits, gauging, machine tool touch probes, laser probes, linear encoders, angle encoders, magnetic encoders, …

Enhanced gRNA efficiency prediction We developed a deep learning model, which combines sequence and thermodynamic properties automatically extracted out of a 30 nt DNA input sequence constituted...

Introduction This Enhancing Efficiency and Reliability in Refinery Process Heaters training course will present an overview of refinery fired process heaters and will discuss most relevant routine inspection and operational evaluation aspects as well as a hands-on methodology for heater continuous assessment and improved efficiency and reliability.

Enhancing Efficiency and Effectiveness Throughout 2014, the Organization undertook various initiatives to improve efficiency and effectiveness in order to better meet the evolving needs of Member States and the global aviation community. Further detailed information can be found on the pages of the individual Supporting Implementation Strategies.

Herein, we demonstrate a simple passivation of hot casted perovskite film in air by a dipolar ion, 2-thiophene ethylammonium chloride (TEACl), showing enhanced power conversion efficiency (PCE) of solar cell from 15.44% to 18.84% with increased open circuit voltage ( Voc) by 50 mV.

Moving to lower processor nodes and relying on lower operating voltages enable these enhancements without dramatically increasing die area, cost, and the need for specialized processes and materials. Conversely, power systems using higher voltages (48V and up) reduce current consumption and ultimately improve power transfer efficiency.

Tunable Handset Antenna: Enhancing Efficiency on TV White Spaces Abstract: With the future long term evolution (LTE) auction for television white spaces at 600 MHz, there is a strong need for efficient handset antennas operating at very low frequencies. This communication shows a tunable antenna covering the LTE bands from 600 MHz to 2.6 GHz.

Enhancing Efficiency in Sustainable Markets. In: La Torre, M., Chiappini, H. (eds) Contemporary Issues in Sustainable Finance. Palgrave Studies in Impact Finance. Palgrave Macmillan, Cham. https://doi/10.1007/978-3-030-40248-8_1 Download citation .RIS .ENW .BIB DOI https://doi/10.1007/978-3-030-40248-8_1 Published 02 July 2020

China's relentless efforts to enhance efficiency and character of its humongous domestic market through wider reforms have elicited thumbs up from both Chinese and foreign companies as they depend on the world's second-largest economy for further growth. In terms of scale and potential, China's unified domestic market outweighs almost all other ...

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